Leticia Baxter: From Stay At Home Mom to Empowered Leader


From Sunny Busby: 

I am so excited to introduce you to our newest leader here at the Wellness Advocates of HOPE page. Leticia is so passionate about her friends and family. She is a tremendous and powerful leader who I have been honored to know for 20+ years! What a blessing that we get to work together! I have no doubt that Leticia will bring you much insight and enthusiasm as she shares with us here at www.wellnessadvocatesofhope.com!


Hi, my name is Leticia Baxter from  http://eoswithbaxter4.com/.

I’m a stay at home mom who felt stuck in mom life. I love being able to stay home with my kiddos and be there for them, truly lucky and blessed to do so!! I’m So thankful for my hard-working husband who has giving me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom.

But let’s be real!!

Being a stay-at-home mom is trying, has moments, overwhelming, frustrating, stressful never-ending task but rewarding to be there for them.

I find myself asking would going to work be easier? But who would be there for our children?

Sometimes it seems easier but all the what if’s!

I don’t want to miss out on those moments!  I want to be there for our kiddos.

You can’t get the time and memories back.

I got lost in motherhood and I think others can relate. Am I good enough? I don’t bring in a paycheck.

Do I contribute enough?

I have regular feelings of not being good enough and never having time for yourself!

Can you relate?

I found dōTERRA and it has helped me In so many ways!

I found my passion, my Why!!

I love to share, teach and educate others!! It filled in what I was missing. This is what I was meant to do! Help and offer Hope to others!

I kept hearing about essential oils, different brands and dōTERRA, the natural benefits to a healthier lifestyle.

I did lots of research and finally got some samples in hand.

I knew it was what a fit for me! I was so happy to finally try them for myself!

I ordered a kit and I started driving into these gems.

I was amazed at how the oils work with our bodies and what they did for my family.

I could help my kiddos when they weren’t feeling well!!

Knowing I could help them naturally that was huge for me! I wish I knew about essential oils sooner!

Natural Solutions have truly empowered my family and my life!

I wanted to help other moms know there are natural solutions to help your little ones and your family! These oils are a blessing to me, not only do I feel better about myself, more energy, healthier, less health concerns; I can support balanced mood and emotions for my whole house.

I feel empowered knowing that I can help my kiddos and family naturally from home when we have little things going on!

We turn to our oils first.

I have found what works for our Family!!

While we still go to our yearly checkups and have them if needed, I can say in the last 3 years we only have seen the Doctor for our annual checkups and we have always been deemed healthy!!

That’s amazing to me!

Why would I not share these Life changing products with others?!!

I love that I can offer others hope!!

I look forward to helping you!



About Leticia Baxter

 Leticia is a wife and mother of two wonderful children. Leticia has been using essential oils for about 3 years now and is excited to be able to share these wonderful products with the world.  After lots of research and learning about essential oils Leticia found doTERRA was a great fit for her family. She has found passion in using and sharing these amazing oils and the benefits they can bring. Not only has she empowered herself and her family; her goal is to be able to teach and share these natural solutions with many more families. Leticia wants to help empower and change others lives; through natural solutions and/or financial freedom. Leticia loves to teach, educate, empower and support everyone!!  Not only have these amazing oils empowered Leticia as a mom and person, they've shown her better health and wellness naturally, as well as bringing her many great friendships throughout her journey!! 

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  1. Leticia introduced me to oils and it has chang d my life!! She is a great person who is very knowledgeable about oils and what to use when you have ailments. She started out as someone who was teaching all about oils and now is someone I coincided a true friend. Congrats Leticia !!!

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